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Apple's New 'Drive Safer' Feature in iOS 11


As always at their Developer's Conference, Apple released some exciting news about various different products, but a couple of things stood out to me, one being their new feature which will be available to download on the new iOS 11 update to promote safer driving.

The new 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' feature will essentially prevent all notifications coming through to your device whilst you are driving your car. It will also lock the iPhone's screen. This is obviously optional, as you could be a passenger. Your driving will be identified by various different ways if you wish to use the feature. Detecting when it is connected to your vehicles bluetooth or via cable, and switching the feature on.

Once the feature is switched on, any notifications that come through from apps like Instagram, Facebook, News, WhatsApp, Tinder etc will be held back, and any Text/iMessage's also have the option of an auto-reply with a message such as; "I am currently driving and have the Do Not Disturb While Driving mode on, I will reply when I get to where I am going, if you need to contact me urgently, reply to this message with the word 'urgent' and it will notify me.". 

Although blocking access to the obvious distracting apps and locking the iPhone, Apple have thought carefully about it and have given access to useful apps, such as Apple Maps (which is also due an amazing update in iOS 11 with lane guidance and speed limits being added), and Google Maps, so you can still use the sat-nav!

This feature, although very simple could save many lives, as sometimes a simple Instagram post or snapchat notification takes a drivers attention away.

Well done Apple...again!

I look forward to the update later this year, and using the feature!

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